REEEF - Kryptonite

Releasedate: Digital: 2022-09-30

It's time for something new from REEEF. Even though Erik Richter & Ferry Eichler seem to conjure one track after the other out of the synths, they don't lack ideas and creativity. The love for music sets no limits for the two. No matter if melodic for dreaming or epic for stretched up hands on festivals. The two do not let themselves be pressed into clichéd patterns. They prove that with their new number "Kryptonite". A synthesis of their previous tracks, topped with a catchy vocal that digs deep into your auditory canals to make yourself comfortable in the earworm room. Once enjoyed, Kryptonite, just as the title describes, is hard to get rid of. REEEF thus show another facet of their musical portfolio and make you want more!



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