Sergio Murillo - Bajo

Releasedate: Digital: 2022-07-29

"Bajo" is the result of Sergio Murillo's recent foray into darker, techno-influenced sounds. It begins with a driving, gritty beat, but it's melodic and ethereal secrets slowly begin to unravel in a break. Bajo makes sure to end things with energy, returning to its gritty, bassy roots to conclude this sonic tale. As a Mexican-American musician hailing from the southside of Chicago, Sergio Murillo is no stranger to dim alleys with clubs hidden in them. He's a budding talent who's enthusiasm for Techno, Trance, Hard dance and Latin music color his multi-genre productions. Formerly a rock bassist, Sergio's main focus is to deliver big sounds, a gritty edge and melodic journeys to your dancefloor.



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