Carma - Berliner Luft EP

Releasedate: Digital: 2022-04-08

"Music is the universal language". This is the motto of the german DJ & producer "Carma" - whether as a child as a drummer in a classical orchestra, as a consumer of music of all kinds, as a DJ or more recently as a producer of electronic music. In collaboration with artist friends the debut album "Berliner Luft" including excellent remixes was created. "Berliner Luft" is a minimalistic track with nevertheless concise elements - these were recorded in the remixes and interpreted differently. Therefore, the "Berliner Luft" EP consists of four independent tracks with the most diverse influences - but still unmistakably oriented to the original. Besides the original, the record contains three strong remixes by Marcus Jahn & Dexter Curtin , Marc DePulse and Christoph Brzenczek. đź•Š


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